The major advantages of using an android smart phone

In modern society anyone has a mobile phone. Unlike old days now we have many models to choose from according to our budget. The two most popular mobile operating systems are android and IOS. According to the statistics, android has represented a higher level of sales compared to IOS. There are several reasons why android phones are more popular than other phones in the world.

More options to choose from

There are many brands of phones in android operating system, whereas IOS and windows are limited only to a few manufacturers. Android has many manufacturers such as HTC, Sony, Samsung, Motorola and etc. Purchasing an android mobile is way easier than purchasing an IOS or windows phone. The reason is that these phones are not available in any store. You need to find these phones in specific shops. Among all these brands, the most popular is the Samsung brand. It frequently adds new editions and are easy to use. If you want to buy a Samsung mobile, you will ability be able to find a Samsung mobile phone shop Singapore.

Universal chargers

If you are using an apple phone, you won’t be able to charge your phone with the same charger if your phone was purchased before 2012. But for android phones, they use a standardized type of charger. This way if you have forgotten your chargers, you simply can get a charger from anyone who uses an android phone and connect it to your phone.

Storage and battery can be removed

Increasing the storage of an IOS device is extremely costly because you cannot do it by yourself. As for the battery, since the battery of apple devices are not removable you will have to pay a huge amount to replace it. But many android phones have the ability to remove batteries and replace them by ourselves. Furthermore, we have the ability to insert an SD card if we need more storage. This is extremely convenient for us!

Very affordable and versatile apps

Since there are brands on android manufacturers, the price starts from a very small price. You can go and select the best phone which is suitable for you according to your budget. There are some apps which can be only used in a phone with an android operating system. These kind of apps are developed by external parties to make the phone usage easy. The best part is that most of these apps are free.

When considering all these factors it can be seen that, android mobiles are very user friendly compared to IOS or windows.

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