The influence of the Dawood family to uplift education`

When you take a look at the great work that done by the Dawood family, the contributions that they have made to the field of education is truly prominent. Their work and their kinddenotations has created opportunities for students from all over Pakistan to achieve their educational goals.

The work of the great philanthropist, BashirDawood and their family has certainly created hope for Pakistanis who wish to have a quality educationand create world class qualifications. This article focuses on the great influence of the Dawood family to uplift the education in Pakistan.

The educational institutes supported by the Dawood foundation

When looking into the educational institutes that are supposed by the Dawoodfoundation, there is many. One of the first establish is the Suleman Dawood School of business which was opened in the year 1986. The facilities and the other features of this school provided quality and standards to education to the students of Pakistan. The curriculum that is used in the schools are also known to be extraordinary as wellas they promote crucial thinking and the most needed problem solving skills int eh students.

The immense journey to support education in Pakistan began  with the opening of the Lahore University of  Management sciences. Up to date, the Dawoodfoundation looks out to providing the best facilities and the finest learning environment to the students. These institutes are given the best support of Ivy league universities such as the Harvard University and the University of Western Ontario. The Dawoods have certainly created a new ray of hope for the students of Pakistan to achieve their educational goals.

You can see that the certificates are offered by these colleges have worldwide reputation that they are of immense help for those who want to build up an international career. Furthermore, all the facilities and the features of the colleges are upgraded so that the students will not have to deal with outdated systems and also deal with any difficulties in achieving their educational goal and to maintain the finest standards.

The contributions to the Aga Khan University

One of the most talked about contribution that were made by the Dawood foundation was made to the Aga khan university where state of the art equipment were given to the university to enhance the quality of the education provided. The equipment and the features that were given by the Dawood foundation enhanced the quality of the university and made it one of the best in the area.

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