In the journey to discover the next world champion

The mindsets of the world is replaced in a very logical and systemic way. Unless the ideas are written down and has a significant importance, the beliefs of the society changes as generations of people cease to exist. In the present, the world must focus on several things. They are listed below,

  • The world hunger and poverty
  • Lack of medical facilities
  • Global warming
  • Youth

As you can see, all these issues cannot be resolved intentionally. All of them need a proper approach and the right guidance to get things fixed. However, in the list, the significance of youth is prominent. Because if you don’t take care of them, the future would be doomed for all we know.

This is something bashir dawoodunderstood on time. Hence, he started to make his presence prominent in a large number of charitable services that empowers youth. Why? Because he believes that without the youth, none of us would have a future. Then again, how can we expect the youth to see the world as we want to? Understanding the issues, this particular person took the right pathways.

For an instance, he generously facilitated a 15-youth group activity where the participants got the chance to watch a F1 race live. It isn’t something that most people get the chance to do, and certain not the young men and women. Moreover, he went out of his way to take these young people to one of the best hotels in all Singapore. This is just one of the ways how his contribution has made an impact on the youth.

Because in the end of the day, philanthropy cannot be induced – it comes from within. But, if the focused subject did not address the current issue of the world then what is the worth of it. Understanding that people have different priority is different from what actually needs to be done. Establishing many foundations that solely address the issues and hopes and dreams of the youth, this kind man and his family continues to do what he does the best. And for what? Nothing.

For all we know, the next F1 champion would be reading this article. But it all depends on the opportunities that you get, how hard to work for it, and most importantly, the patronage that you get in the process of pursuing your championship dream. Dawood always believes that youth is the essence of the world that we all need to upgrade in the best way. If not, there won’t be a future that we all dream of.

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