How can a company culture facilitate honesty?

Any organisation should have the right pathway set to be operated with no hassle regarding wrongdoings. Office culture is quite important here. Office fraud has become a recurring topic and employers are getting more and more anxious in hiring prospective employees due to this.

Managing the culture

Avoiding office fraud cannot just be about what systems and controls you decide to implement. This is partly because people who are determined to carry out something bad will always seek a way around the controls. If you have built a culture which has the right outlook instilled in people, such as not to lie or cheat, not to embezzle money etc. then it is a sure way to proceed having a fraud-free office. It is important that the employers, staff and governance is focused on fraud and removing it forever from the company. The employees must be receptive to changes done to have this objective fulfilled and communication regarding the same must be effective.

One rotten pea in a pod…

Even if there is one person who is bent on wrong ways, it will be easy to prevent and put a stop to such activities by building a positive culture especially one against fraud and wrongdoings. When the others know that they shouldn’t do this, they will not hesitate to point out who does, too. Even if we are too trusting, keeping an open eye towards what is happening is always important. Just by assuming your co-worker would not do something like that, doesn’t solve the problem. It is your duty to fulfill the organizational objectives and surely, helping to make it clean is part of it. A company which operates on these principles within it will treat their customers also the same way bringing in more revenue and hence profit.

Balance it right

It is the responsibility of the senior managers to create and carry out the right balance. Preventing fraud by creating an awareness within the company doesn’t mean you have to look at everyone with a suspicious eye. While trusting everyone to do their job, you need to have strong checks and balances in place at the company. The culture must also be changed and people groomed to question something wrong when they see it, or call out suspicious acts or behavior is also important. Especially is someone is known to handle private and confidential matters, a close eye should be kept on them as it is easier to divulge information sometimes unknowingly that you are doing something wrong.

It has been found out that only less than 50% of the office fraud incidents are usually reported to law enforcement agencies. This is good if it means the matter is solved within a company itself. However, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, therefore, you must always target that.

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