Essential Office supplies that you should have in your office drawer

With the technology evolving now, certain work places doesn’t even need any office supplies most of the time.Since it’s just a matter of saving reminders and meetings in your laptop or even in your phone. However, these office stationaries are still in use and it’s pretty useful today in many work places. You will literally see these stationary items being used in a meeting room, or even laying on your desk or even at your pantry as well.  These simple stationary items can correct any kind of mistakes and even sort documents easier and much faster. Therefore it’s important that you get your stationary supplies. However, there are certain stationary items that are must have. Below are some of the essentials you need to have.

Laser Pointer for presentations

Apart from the writing instruments laser pointers are one of the main things that an work place should have. Since most of the time the staffs might have to present something or even conduct training to the new comers or even for companies. These pointers basically act as tool to harness the attention of the crowd and it will also maintain a proper clarity during the entire presentation. This will also ensure that everyone is in the same page

White board markers for meetings

Before even PowerPoints were used to present a certain topic a lot of people used white boards for meetings and it’s still in use as well. However, a lot of office tends to run out of the white board markers or even lose it as well. These white board markers will come in handy if you are to present something that’s in your mind and draw it out on the board. Therefore, it’s a must that every work place has a marker which is useful and functional.

First Aid kids for an emergency

One of the important things that you need to have at any work place is a first aid kid. Since injuries can happen at any moment and its always best to be cautious and all sent in case of an emergency. Apart from getting a first aid kit, it’s always best to get a training from a health organization on how to act in case if an emergence occurs at your work place till the medical gets in.

Correction tapes are a must

We all tend to make a lot of mistakes and of course we do make a lot of mistakes on papers as well. One of the important things that you need to have in your work desk is a correction tape. So that you don’t have to discard the paper and start all over again which is time consuming, instead you can use a correction tape and correct it again.

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