Blooms & Tips for Special Days

Flowers, are a considered an important element within events in creating a unique atmosphere and adding beauty to a venue. With planners constantly pursuing high standard design concepts, fresh blooms and colourful combinations are a regular need within the floral industry.

The process being defined below is aimed at providing insight into the various aspects considered by specialist involved in ensuring the elegance being portrayed in unique fashion and creation of an artistic display for any special day.

  • Seasonality – With specific looks being planned for a particular occasion, high importance is provided in the selection process based on the timeline planned. With bloom timelines creating the availability of a particular variety, selection is generally based on seasonality to avoid high pricing that occurs generally due to unavailability within the markets. With availability of a wide range produced for commercial use throughout an annual timeline, various particular requests on rare blooms for bridal bouquets and other creative displays generally incur higher costs than standard. Floral inclusions are generally selected with focus on in- season and lower pricing to provide the best arrangements to suit customer needs.
  • Availability – Professional florists focus on locality in dealing with availability of varieties since narrow timelines to complete requirements considered a regular occurrence. Customers requesting for various decor are advised on general and niche availability or particular blooms in order to either extend programme timelines or progress with locally available produce to suit.
  • Weather Impact – Selection of particular blooms for an event is generally planned with consideration of the exact month within the annual timeline and close review of the weather conditions. With events being completed throughout and the possibility of climatic change affecting a day’s smooth function, selections are required to be completed with focus on the aspect. Selection of resilient flower types that last during a fully sunny day to ones that survive cold atmosphere can be decided aligned with environmental settings.
  • Budgets With most focusing on unique displays, the creation not necessarily depend on expensive flowers. The maximization of a budget to effective levels is dependent on the level of creativity of the designer where various branches and foliage is used along with the floral combinations to offering style required for a planned event.
  • Timing & Contingencies – For designs to be completed, timeline of receiving ordered blooms are planned to perfection in ensuring the freshest displays are portrayed. The delay in timings effecting colour tones and posture are complications faced in the business. Generally most floral varieties are ordered at the bud stage with display planned within the next 3 days in general. Contingency measures are also taken in the case of issue encountered in hampering a display plan. Preparation to counter such issues is also devised whilst plans continue with alternates ready for usage.

With hope that the tips are beneficial for your event planning process, we conclude the listing of tips extracted with hope that the next plan for a floral creation is completed with consideration of the details provided.

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